Pet Fashion Almanac 2014

The Pet Fashion Alamanc 2014 is a source of reference for pet industry information to assist pet organizations in making their awesome pet business and marketing plans. It is an educational tool with helpful marketing how-to’s. Plus, it serves as a basis of cosmic insights for to consider.

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NOW AVAILABLE: Pet Fashion Almanac 2014

NOW AVAILABLE: Pet Fashion Almanac 2014



The table of contents includes: pet holidays, listings of pet organizations, listings of pet media and publications, listings of pet trade shows and conferences, a list of fashion weeks worldwide, and a special section devoted to astrology from a business and pet viewpoint written by pet fashion astrologer Ellen M. Zucker.

Rave reviews include the following:

“The Pet Fashion Almanac is amazing. Hands down the best tool for pet industry professionals looking for pet holidays, media outlets and more. A truly thorough and robust resource!” – Dana Humphrey, Owner Whitegate PR

“This Pet Industry Fashion Almanac is a must have treasure! Not only is half your work done for you, with lists, dates and organizations, it’s easy to read and use. The added astrology section in the back adds extra value. This isn’t a book simply to purchase, this is a book to earmark, underline and use! I’m recommending it to all our members!” – Shawna Schuh, President and Chief Pet Wrangler Women In The Pet Industry Network

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“Kudos! This is long time due!!! Finally, we have a source with all the information needed in one place to help us plan ahead our business strategies! … I love it!!! Put me own for the first print!!!! Thank you for doing 1/2 work for us! Knowing about the trade shows, advising how to network and marketing tips! High paws!” – Ada Nieves, Designer ada nieves.for.pets

“This is by far the most resourceful book I have ever seen when it comes to following what’s happening in the pet industry. As a professional pet blogger, I cannot wait to have a copy! It will be invaluable. And who knew there was Squirrel Awareness Week, second week of October. I do now. (and quite excited about it, to be honest)” – The Pet Blog Lady (aka Lisa Taron)

“I found this Almanac to be a all encompassing tutorial on what the pet fashion professional needs to know in order to work in the pet industry” – Craig M. Rexford, Vice President & Publisher, PetAge

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“Whether you’re new to the pet industry, or your business is poised to expand, keep this almanac handy. You’ll reach for the mix of creative inspiration (marketing via astrology, anyone?), general tactics, and actionable details over and over again.” – Wendy Toth, Editor-in-Chief, Pet360 Inc.

“When Lauren asked me to review her new book, I was hesitant. Was I the best person for this important job? I wasn’t sure – until I opened my review copy and spent the rest of the afternoon reading! This is truly a resource for all pet people, one we can tap into daily, and…just as importantly, share! I won’t spoil your fun, all I’ll say is… keep this at hand. You’ll want to refer to it every day!” – Yvonne DiVita, Co-Founder, BlogPaws, LLC

“The Pet Fashion Almanac is the end-all be-all of all things “pet” for everyone: from the pet event organizer to the pet lover, this is the complete guide that has it all!” – Maria Milito, On-Air Personality, Q104.3 NYC

“The Farmer’s Almanac was a constant resource for our ancestors to keep them apprised of the time to plant, harvest, and break bad habits. Lauren has revised this age-old resource for pet businesses. The Pet Fashion Almanac helps keep pet businesses in the know for planning their marketing for the year. After all, you don’t want to wear white after Labor Day so help keep your pet business in fashion with The Pet Fashion Almanac.” – Dicki L. Kennedy, DVM, CCRP, CVA, CVPP, CCMT, Founder and President ARCC — Animal Rehab & Conditioning Center

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