Author Laurren Darr and Graphic Designer Maria Charina Gomez given gold medals of honor for PugDala Coloring Book      

Left Paw Press is pleased to announce that, during an awards luncheon at Hotel Pennsylvania, PugDala Coloring Book was named the winner of the Maxwell Medallion by the Dog Writers Association of America in the Series of Illustrations or Photography category. Author Laurren Darr took home medal honors for herself and graphic designer Maria Charina Gomez.      PugDala Coloring Book Wins Maxwell Medallion

Darr commented, “I’m practically speechless at this honor. The competition for the Maxwell awards is so tough, it was an honor just to be nominated. For the PugDala Coloring Book to win the coveted medallion has me ecstatic and dumbfounded.  The idea for this book just came to me one morning — to combine three things I love: pugs, coloring, and positive affirmations to encourage mindfulness. I’m so pleased that it has been well-received and humbled that it has now been honored.”

PugDala Coloring Book is the first book in this ‘Dala adult coloring book series that started a trend for additional coloring books in the series that combine pets, coloring, and positivity. The other books published in the series are: CatDala Coloring Book, DogDala, ChickenDala Coloring Book, OwlDalas Coloring Book, FarmDala Coloring Book, HorseDala Coloring Book, FishDala Coloring Book, HamsterDala Coloring Book, UnicornDala Coloring Book and FerretDala Coloring Book.

People can gain clarity, focus, and peace by coloring mandala. There are over fifty mandalas and mantras/affirmations included in each of the ‘Dala books. Mandalas are a form of therapy used by thousands worldwide. People seeking to calm their thoughts and increase their productivity, focus on coloring mandalas every day.

Pug Coloring Book can be purchased at online book sellers like Amazon: http://a.co/7eoEMjf.

NOTE ABOUT AMAZON: Many times, Amazon will list a book as being temporarily out of stock or with a long delivery date. Know that Left Paw Press books are always in stock.

About Laurren Darr
Laurren Darr has been plumb pug crazy since childhood. She immerses herself in creating through writing and art. Laurren has found that including creative habits in life is beneficial to health while feeding the soul.  In the fall of 2013, Darr combined her twenty-plus years of marketing experience and lifelong love of pet fashionology to launch the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals. She’s been a finalist for Pet Industry Woman of the Year twice. Her book, Lipstick On A Pug, won the Maxwell Medallion for 2015 Children’s Book of the Year from the Dog Writers Association of America. She’s a graduate of the Pet Product Design and Marketing program at FIT in NYC.