Join Susan Marie and her pet fashionista Miss Olive for the May 26, 2017 broadcast of the Doggy Diva Show.  They’ll be discussing pet fashion trends with International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals founder, Laurren Darr.  The conversation centers around Laurren’s latest book release Pet Fashion Industry Patterns.  When these two get together, the conversation is always fun, informative, and engaging so don’t miss the broadcast or the replay.

Susan Marie received an advanced copy of the book and did a review which is published in the book:

“Informative and thought provoking – “Pet Fashion Industry Patterns” – combines  Laurren’s love of animals and fashion – detailing  how this connection  has led her to a profound understanding into both worlds. Laurren recognizes  the special bond between humans and their pets and continues in “Pet Fashion Industry Patterns” to inspire and guide those of us in the pet world to successfully incorporate her unique insight into pet trends and marketing into our  business plans. 4 paws up!” — Susan Marie – The Doggy Diva Show