Previous Pug Fairy Tale series titles include Mother Pug Rhymes, Li’l Red Riding Pug, The Three Li’l Pugs, Pug In Boots, and Pug Benji and the Beanstalk      

Left Paw Press is pleased to announce the next book in its Pug Fairy Tale Series titled Beauty And The Pug. It is available at major online retailers like Amazon: http://a.co/8EQXlXK.

What started out as an innocent business trip ends up as a tragic situation where a father loses his daughter, Beauty, to a wrinkly pug living in a castle. Though Pug treats Beauty with adoration and provides all she would ever need, Beauty can’t get past the buggy eyes and the fact that she’s actually still a prisoner nonetheless. After a kindness from Pug that allows her to reunite with her family, Beauty realizes her love of Pug and rushes back to the castle for a storybook ending. The classic fairy tale is adapted by Laurren Darr with rich, elegant illustrations created by Florina Boldi.

In 2015, Laurren Darr had her beloved Pug Fairy Tale Series book refreshed with new artwork from fashion illustrator Florina Boldi.

This series started out with Laurren and her son, Zachary. They were kidding around when he was just starting out in school. She didn’t know it at the time, but he was not being treated well in school and came home very disinterested in reading. (This was a kid that was an avid reader that could also spell at a young age.) To get him back into reading, Darr would replace the names in nursery rhymes with the names of their pugs – Inky & Sarge and Benji. (They have since crossed the rainbow bridge.) Zachary wanted these put in a book. That began Darr’s looking into publishing, starting Left Paw Press, and publishing the first book, Mother Pug Rhymes.

Most of the books are also available in Spanish and available in coloring book format. Below is a list of the books in the Pug Fairy Tale Series.