Following is a list of events that the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals will be participating in or hosting (bolded). Join us!


01/01/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]: Slowing Down To Speed Up with BONUS Meditation

01/15/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]: SWOT Analysis with BONUS SWOT download

01/24/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]: You gotta call in to dish on the latest!

02/05/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]: 100 Reasons You ROCK! with BONUS branded download

02/19/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]: How hard can hardware be?! Interview with Hugh Harriss of BuckleGuy

02/28/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]: Call in to chat about what’s on your mind with business and pet fashion!

03/05/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]: Checkbook check-in with BONUS downloadable artwork

03/19/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]: Preparing for a pet fashion photo shoot- WOOT!

03/28/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]

04/02/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]

04/16/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]

04/25/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]

05/07/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]

05/21/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]

05/23/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]

06/04/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]

06/18/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]

06/27/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]

07/02/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]

07/16/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]

07/25/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]

08/06/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]

08/20/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]

08/22/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]

09/03/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]

09/17/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]

09/26/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]

10/01/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]

10/15/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]

10/24/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]

11/05/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]

11/19/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]

11/28/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]

12/03/2014                         Karmic Kibble [Members only]

12/17/2014                         Business Bits [Members only]

12/26/2014                         Yappy Hour [Members only]