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Dinky Inky The Stinky Pug

Dinky Inky The Stinky Pug is available in paperback on Amazon.

Inky may be a little pug, but she is full of spunk and might.

In this whimsically hilarious story, Inky delights in what she considers to be a phenomenal superpower. She can clear a room faster than any other quadruped with her gastrointestinal blasts.

Her family doesn’t consider this to be a superpower, but an unappreciated act of mischievous flatulence that immediately kicks in their gag reflexes.

Told poetically from her own perspective, Inky proudly describes how and when she strategically fires off stink bombs and gets away before being detected.

Pug, dog, and animal lovers of all sorts will enjoy this funny narrative because, after all, everyone with a pet has experienced the eking out what seems like a deadly fart!