NOTE: This post is written by Celebrity Groomer Jorge Bendersky

Walking our dogs is not longer just about their sanitary breaks, it is part of our social schedule. Who we see, how the dogs looks is part of most pet lovers kitchen table or social media chat.


Here are some essential things to remember before going out for a strut around the hood.


Tip #1:

Wipe your dogs face with regular saline soliton (Eye wash) or with luke warm left over tea, this will not only remove the morning boogies, but prevent the growth of bacteria and avoid that sad puppy face. Be sure to wipe around his eyes again after the walk. Dogs tear ducts are very small, and doesn’t take much to irritate them.


Tip #2

Nobody goes outside with a pillow head!!!!!. Brushing your dog before going out for a walk, will not only help with the look, it is the perfect time to “Train for Beauty”. If your dog is not a fan of the brush, including brushing into the pre-walk routine will help him/her, accepted.


Tip #3

Soft paws can be maintained when playing with them while watching TV. A healthy well nourished paw,will keep fast and healthy blood flow, preventing the pads from getting hurt when exposed to hight or low temperatures.


Tip #4

Plan your summer haircut. Are you planing to take your dog hiking or shopping? The more outdoor activities come with more time needed to take care of your dog coat, It is not necessary to go extremely short, but shortening the length of the coat can help keeping it stay matt-free if your best friend is planing to jump in and out of the water.


Tip #5

Bows, ribbons and feather extensions can give your pooch “the Look” that will have everybody talking, but anything attach to the hair needs to be removed ever couple of days, to brush and condition the hair to prevent matting and breakage.


Tip #6

Remember to check the fit of your dog’s collar and harnesses, cold months call for sweaters and jackets, and sometimes, all the extra time watching TV can induce to some weight gain, it is important that when we change our dogs wardrobe, we check that everything fits properly. You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers between the collar or the harness.


Tip #7

Fashion should never override safety. if you getting new collars, harnesses or leashes, be sure to transfer the ID tags, and this is a great time to be sure they all have the most updated information. The pet market offers a variety of inexpensive very trendy ID Tags to be on top of the fashion with top notch safety.


Tip #8

The “just finish a marathon” look on a dog could be a sign of distress and over heating. Be sure that you always carry a container and water for your pooch to have available at any time. If you are going to carry him in a bag, placing a small icepack wrap in a sock is a good way to keep your dog cool while going from a hot spot to the next.


Tip #9

Do some research for dog friendly places before planing your walk around town with your best friend. There are plenty of places that gladly accept dogs, controlling how your dog behave will increase the chances that other business are going to get on the dog friendly train, it takes one dog at the time.


Tip #10

Color coordination is EVERYTHING!!! Whoever thought that you should only have ONE dog leash, obviously watched too much Susy Orman or has no fashion sense. Coordinating your outfits with your dog leash will make you both a fashion statement!!!!

And, those are the Ten Pet Fashion Tips by Jorge Bendersky.

Celebrity Groomer Jorge Bendersky

Celebrity Groomer Jorge Bendersky

Jorge Bendersky was born in Argentina. After moving to New York City, he began grooming dogs and achieved Certified Master Groomer status. Jorge is a pet stylist, philanthropist, best-sellingauthor, pet product spokesperson and groomer to the stars. Jorge is talking his way into millions of homes across America with his appearances on national TV including Kelly & Michael, The Meredith Vieira Show and with Rachael Ray and several of his own reality shows, to name a few.


Today, Celebrity Dog Groomer & Best Selling Author Jorge Bendersky travels around the world discovering the hottest trends for dogs. He is best known for starring in Animal Planet’s TV Show “Groomer Has It” and for his book “DIY Dog Grooming: From Puppy Cuts to Best in Show, Everything you Need to Know”. He lives in Chelsea, NYC with his dog Tito the Pom!