Each month, we’ll be bringing to you a listing of the holidays by date, week, and month. See below for the September 2016 Pet Holidays.

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September 2016 Pet Holidays

September 2016 Pet Holidays by Month
• Happy Cat Month
• National Chicken Month
• National Guide Dogs Month
• Save the Koala Month
• World Animal Remembrance Month
• International Pet Blogger Month
• AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Month

September 2016 Pet Holidays by Week
2nd week:
• National Dog Week
3rd week:
• National Farm Animals Awareness Week
• Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week
4th week:
• Deaf Pet Awareness Week
• Sea Otter Awareness Week

September 2016 Pet Holidays by Date
September 4 National Wildlife Day
September 8 National Iguana Awareness Day
September 11 National Pet Memorial Day
September 14 Pet Memorial Day
September 22 Elephant Appreciation Day
National Walk n’ Roll Dog Day
September 23 Fish Amnesty Day
Dogs in Politics Day
September 24 National Bluebird of Happiness Day
Remember Me Thursday (Orphan Pets)
International Rabbit Day
September 28 World Rabies Day
September 29 Happy Goose Day