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It’s late summer now. Last month’s planetary shifts continue. As September begins, the doors to imagination and otherworldly realms open when Neptune stands opposite the Sun. Meanwhile Mars and Venus stand hand-in-hand adding a pleasant charge to the air. Your ability to focus and your b-s detector is heightened on the 5th when the Sun trines Pluto. If you sense there’s more to a story you’re almost certainly right. Tending to financial matters pays off.
The cash flow spigots begin to flow when the six-week Venus retrograde period comes to an end on the 6th.
Labor Day also brings an urge for freedom as Mars trines Uranus. Enjoy the holiday by getting away and engaging in physical activity. A new lunar cycle begins with the solar eclipse at 20 degrees of Virgo on the 13th. If you have planets or sensitive points at or near 20 degrees of a mutable sign (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces or Gemini), you will experience an inner shift or an outside event. It’s the Universe opening a door.

Step out.
Mercury slows as it prepares to retrograde on the 17th. You, too, should be preparing to slow down and switch gears, focusing on your Mercury retro projects. Remember to back up your computer and double-check your scheduling.

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