September’s traditional function is to herald the end of summer and beginning of fall.
As the month begins, the Sun is in Virgo along with its sign ruler, Mercury. Virgo is the sign of counting and accounting.

Step back and take an accounting of your progress year-to-date. This month is an excellent time to take a critical look at where you are now and where you are headed. Are you on track with your goals for this year? Do you need to make any mid-course adjustments?

Virgo is also associated with health and healing. Take a look at your diet. Consider implementing an exercise regimen if you don’t already have one. (If you have family members of the canine variety, then some exercise is already built into your day).

As an Earth sign, Virgo asks you to strengthen your bond with Mother Earth and your ties to the physical.

To me, this means paying attention to your immediate environment and inviting nature in. Plants, both as inhabitants of your space and a source of food and medicine enhance health and well-being.


Astrologers traditionally associate Virgo with small animals and pets. Caring for, nurturing, and, in turn, being nurtured by animals promotes health and well being on many levels for both of you.


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