Over 50 Pug Mandalas and Mantras/ Affirmations included in PugDala Coloring Book adult coloring book   

PugDala Coloring Book cover

PugDala Coloring Book cover



Left Paw Press is pleased to announce the publishing of its first adult coloring book titled PugDala Coloring Book and created by Laurren Darr.

People can gain clarity, focus, and peace by coloring PugDalas. There are over 50 Pug mandalas and mantras/affirmations included. Mandalas are a form of therapy used by thousands worldwide. People seeking to calm their thoughts and increase their productivity, focus on coloring mandalas every day. Now, anyone with a love of pugs and a desire for calm, has a source for those reflections in the PugDala Coloring Book. Each of the designs was created for pug people and pet lovers to focus on coloring to relieve stress, increase the positive energy in their lives, and have fun in the process!

When asked how she felt about the release of this book, Darr responded, “This combines so many things that I love… pugs, positivity, and coloring. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I’m thrilled at the fun and peace people will get with the PugDala Coloring Book.”

The PugDala Coloring Book can be found on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. And, as a part of Amazon’s Matchbook Program, purchasers of the printed version can get the Kindle version for free.

Printed book link– PugDala Coloring Book

Kindle book link – PugDala Coloring Book