Pet Holidays by Month for October 2017
• International Pet Fashion Month
• National Pet Wellness Month
• National Animal Safety & Protection Month
• World Animal Month
• Pet Breast Cancer Awareness Month
• Adopt a Dog / Shelter Dog Month
• Bat Appreciation Month
• National Pit Bull Awareness Month
• National Service Dog Month
• World Animal Month

Pet Holidays by Week for October 2017     


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1st week:
• National Walk Your Dog Week
• Dog Film Festival Week
2nd week:
• Squirrel Awareness Week
• National Veterinary Technician Week
• Animal Welfare Week
• National Wolf Awareness Week
3rd week:
• Wildlife Week
• World Rainforest Week


Pet Holidays by Date for October 2017
October 1 Fire Pup Day
Internatinoal Racoon Appreciation Day
National Black Dog Day
October 2 World Farm Animals Day
October 3 Butterfly & Hummingbird Day
National Estuaries Day
October 4 World Day For Animals & Pets
October 14 National Pet Obesity Awareness Day
October 15 National Pug Day
October 16 National Feral Cat Day
October 21 Reptile Awareness Day
October 26 National Mule Day
October 28 Plush Animal Lovers Day
October 29 National Cat Day
National Pit Bull Awareness Day
October 30 National Black Cat Day (UK)