Pet Holidays by Month for June 2017
• Adopt A Cat / Shelter Cat Month
• National Pet Preparedness Month
• Zoo And Aquarium Month
• Social Pet Working Month
• National Microchipping Month




Pet Holidays by Week for June 2017      


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1st week:
• Companion Animal Appreciation Week
2nd week:
• Pet Appreciation Week
3rd week:
• Take Your Pet To Work Week
• Pollinators Week
4th week:
• Carpenter Ant Awareness Week


Pet Holidays by Date for June 2017
June 4 Hug Your Cat Day
June 8 International Day Of Action For Elephants In Zoos
June 9 Donald Duck Day
World Pet Memorial Day
June 19 Garfield The Cat Day
June 20 American Eagle Day
June 21 Cuckoo Warning Day
National Dog Party Day
June 24 Take Your Dog To Work Day