Pet Fashion Astrology: An exciting year, full of possibility and challenge awaits.

Ellen Zucker co-wrote the #1best-selling "Pet Fashion Almanac 2014."

Ellen Zucker co-wrote the #1best-selling “Pet Fashion Almanac 2014.”

Those who fare best will be those who are not afraid to try an unconventional approach and meet challenge head on with bold but well-considered action.
Since 2008 we have been living through a period of intense economic, cultural and spiritual realignment and this will be continue through 2015. The fact that you are alive during this point in time means that you get to shape the new world coming into being.
For creative types, change brings opportunity as customers and clients seek new answers. Being in the pet fashion industry, you are already accustomed to using your creative juices both in designing your products and building your business, so you will find it easier than most to adapt and make conditions work for you. Your clients are looking to deepen their connection with the pets in their lives;
pets provide companionship, emotional security, and delight. This is particularly important if they are experiencing large shifts in their lives.

A powerful New Year’s Day new moon in Capricorn ushers in 2014 and asks you to set a clear intention. It wants you to be serious about choosing the goals you set and asks for your wholehearted commitment. If something in your personal life or business has not been working out the way you wanted, now is the time to probe deeply and do a complete overhaul. Pluto, planet of transformation is in the driver’s seat and he takes no half measures. Be merciless about getting rid of what no longer works and save the rest. On the other hand, if you are clear about your direction, the door is open to high achievement as long as you are willing to put in the sweat equity. Taking the time to build your actions on a firm foundation of careful planning will yield big dividends.

During this time of intense shifts, change happens fast and furious. The key is to pace yourself. Fortunately, the Universe has built in mechanisms to give you breathing space to integrate all that is coming at you. One of these is the succession of personal planet retrogrades that marks the first half of 2014. Retrograde is the apparent backward motion of a planet when viewed from the Earth. When a planet is moving retrograde, its energy is turned inward and towards the past. In other words, before moving forward, the universe is asking you to clean up unfinished business, get your house in order, and breathe. One powerful plus of a retrograde period is that people you have known but have lost contact will pop up. Opportunities come up to work with past contacts and reactivate neglected projects. This is an excellent to reconnect with stale leads, old friends, and reignite the back burner.

A major focus of the first half of 2014 is your existing and past relationships. These include personal relationships, business partnerships, negotiations, contracts and commitments of all kinds. Using this time to review existing and past relationships and agreements is a good use of the energies active during the first half of 2014. Do the research, gather the information, put everything in place, but avoid making major commitments until after the July 4th holiday unless the project involves refining or redoing existing efforts.
One of the most important themes shaping 2014 is what astrologers call the Uranus/Pluto square.These two slow moving planets have formed a combination that has been shaking up the economy, politics, and our culture since 2008. And it will play an important role shaping 2014. What is it and how does it affect you? Uranus, planet of individuality, innovation, independence, rebellion, genius, and unconventionality is in Aries, the sign of action. Pluto, the planet of transformation, power and wealth is in Capricorn, associated with big business, government and the establishment. This combination pits the old and the new, the individual against the establishment. But as the Establishment aggregates more wealth and power (think of the Big Banks, consolidation of Wall Street wealth and juicy balance sheets of the largest corporations), they are slowly undergoing massive structural change.

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