It’s hard to let go of summer’s passion, but it’s September and the Sun has moved on to practical Virgo. In the northern hemisphere nightfall comes noticeably earlier and the school year has begun.

In the US, Labor Day is celebrated the first Monday in the month. How appropriate to celebrate the holiday at this time of year when Virgo is the sign associated with day-to-day work and the Labor movement!


Cleaning up the nitty-gritty, attending to small details now pays off down the road when you have less time and patience. With Mercury still retrograde in Virgo, you’d be hard pressed to find a better time to take an accounting of your records and catch up on administrative tasks. Reviewing and updating your routines for healthy eating and exercise are also recommended.Because Virgo is associated with pets, review their health and nutrition needs, too. September is an excellent time to schedule the annual wellness visit with the vet.

An important piece of news arrives just after the Labor Day holiday when Mercury ends its retrograde period at 28 Leo. This is the degree of last month’s solar eclipse that took place on August 21st. The news will shed light on further developments and change the picture.


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The new moon at 27 Virgo on the 20th boosts your pursuit of excellence. Forming part of a ‘T’ configuration with Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces, this new moon impels you to work towards a higher ideal in concert with your values.

The fall equinox arrives on September 22nd when the Sun tiptoes into Libra, the sign of partnership and balance symbolized by the scales. As a cardinal sign, Libra motivates action. But unless pushed against the wall, Libra shuns brute force. As an expert negotiator it prefers to use grace and charm to work with others to get what it wants. It must have been a Libra who came up with the adage, “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

Libra is also associated with the law because of its concern with fairness. Jupiter, planet of ethical standards, has been moving through Libra all year. The effect is to sensitize all of us to issues of inequality and fairness. The Pluto station on the 28th and a Jupiter/Uranus aspect that dominates the skies during the last week of September stimulates your inner rebel. You’re ready to stand true to your values by speaking truth to power.