Feeling moody, irritable, angry, tired, is a signal that you are out of balance.  During the first three weeks of this month the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter, are traveling through the sign of scales. Balancing scales is a tricky thing.

First you put weight on one side and then the other, reallocating portions until each side is equal. A little too much on one side and the other side rises in the air, then add weight to the lighter side, adjusting back and forth to get it just right. Everything in balance; everyone getting an equitable share.


So, too, is finding balance in your life and in your dealings with others. With Libra energy so strong now, unfairness and injustice don’t sit well with you. Last month’s rebelliousness attitude lingers. Mars, the action planet, and, Venus, gracious ruler of Libra, are linked to Pluto, your planet of power and magnetism. When you speak truth to power, your charm smooths the way.

The connection to Pluto enables you to perceive deeper motivations that would otherwise be masked by surface pleasantries. This is particularly true around the 5th when Pluto forms a T with the full moon when you receive news of something previously kept under wraps. While gracious and pleasant, you are nobody’s fool and you won’t abide by foolishness.


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Financial issues rear their head between the 8th and the 10th when Sun forms a right angle to Pluto and Venus and Mars form a right angle to Saturn.

A payment may be delayed or you find yourself up against a financial restriction. Gather your paperwork to review a financial arrangement with a creditor and count your pennies. Fortunately Jupiter comes to the rescue when it enters Scorpio on the 10th and you’re able to find the resources you need.

Your negotiating skills are heightened when Venus enters its own sign, Libra, on the 14th followed by Mercury, the communicator, in Scorpio on the 17th. Venus raises your charm quotient while Mercury aims for the jugular.

In the meantime, expect the unexpected around the 19th. Uranus tied to the new moon brings excitement and perhaps disruption when it throws a monkey wrench into the best well-laid plans. Fortunately Saturn keeps things under control showing that there are, indeed, some adults in the room.

Nights have grown long and dark. On the 23rd Sun enters Scorpio. Mother Nature is hunkering down for the approaching winter. Halloween, celebrated on October 31st, reflects Scorpio’s symbolism of death and rebirth. Skeletons, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night are party themes as the holiday turns our fears into a festive occasion.