Our spidey senses are in high gear. For the next three weeks, Scorpio dominates the November skies. Outside, Mother Nature has stripped the trees of their leaves revealing their skeletal structures as it readies for winter.

In the same way, your inner radar, particularly strong now, senses hidden agendas and closeted skeletons below the surface of glad pleasantries. Inside one of those skeletons lies the answer to a longstanding problem. Let your gut guide you.


Scorpio likes to get directly to the heart of the matter. Like Mother Nature shaking off dead leaves, Scorpio wants to clear the decks of that which has outlived its usefulness. By purging clutter and outworn baggage now you create space for new things to come in.

With several planets transiting water signs you’re highly sensitive to people around you and it’s easy to absorb their energy. Setting aside time for solitude and meditation helps you maintain your emotional equilibrium. Scorpio and its ruler Pluto are associated with finance. With Jupiter newly arrived in the sign, sufficient resources are available to you through your own savings and investments or through a lending institution.


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The full moon in Taurus on the 4th is an excellent time to review your financial goals. You still have time to make changes to affect filings you’ll make for the current tax year. This full moon is also tied in with a Venus/ Uranus aspect that will bring in a new opportunity of a social or financial nature. Enjoy the encounter, but let your assessment stand the test of time before making judgment.

The new moon on the 18th awakens your curiosity to understand life and your place in the Universe on a deeper level. Seeking out a teacher or books to deepen your understanding of metaphysics is one way this can play out.

Mercury will begin its final retrograde period of the year early next month so you’ll want to finalize any negotiations before month-end. If that’s not reasonable, then wait until Christmas before signing on the dotted line. The Sun enters jovial Sagittarius on the 22nd followed the very next day by the US Thanksgiving holiday. Sag’s energy is jovial and outgoing in keeping with the frenetic holiday season now upon us.