April showers bring May flowers or so the saying goes. After last month’s stormy astrological weather, the skies clear. Mercury ends its retrograde journey and turns direct on May 3rd. The work of assimilating and integrating new insights gained after last month’s retrograde journeys is before you.

The planet of mental function and communication hangs out with Uranus and receives good will from Saturn during the first half of the month. Snap crackle and pop, your mind is on overdrive. The solutions that work best are way outside the box. This is especially true for long-standing problems that defy easy fixes. Saturn’s goodwill paves the way for favorable consideration from authorities.


Ensuring you are up to date with your financial planning is an excellent way to use the Scorpio/Taurus full moon energy on May 10th. Both Scorpio and Taurus are signs associated with financial affairs and financial security.


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But this full moon has deeper significance. As any gardener knows, to spur greater growth, one prunes existing growth. Likewise this full moon presents an opportunity to make room for your future growth by culling what no longer serves you. This might be anything from physical clutter to unnecessary administrata to emotional baggage. This includes such simple acts as deleting recurring charges for services you no longer want or need from your credit card bill.

Airwaves fill with chatter when the Sun enters Gemini for its annual four-week stay on May 20th. Somehow everyone has become busy, busy, busy. If not harnessed, the sign’s energy is scattered and unfocused. Nonetheless, Gemini is supposed to circulate. The sign’s purpose is to help you connect and communicate in order to gather information.

The skies get more intense on May 25th at the new moon at 4 Gemini. Like all new moons, this one jump-starts a new monthly lunar cycle. New moons also act as trigger points for action especially if they touch your chart directly.

At this new moon, tempers are high while you’re called upon to stand up for your sense of right and wrong. Speaking truth to power is an honorable act. Resist the urge to act out of impulse; there are consequences. If done with a cool head, you strike a blow for fairness and validate your sense of self-worth.