Passion and inspiration rule when the lion steps into March. High energy and action combine with sensitivity. That’s because the eight out of ten planets now traveling in fire and water are great for emotional expression and grandstanding. Not so much for objectivity and common sense. Vulnerability is just under the surface of bravado.



The gym is a good place to work off fire’s excess energy. Enjoy the drama, participate if you like: just don’t burn your bridges and wait for temperatures to cool before committing to anything of substance.
Jupiter, whose energy exaggerates whatever it touches, stand opposite Uranus, planet of ingenuity and eccentricity. Both stand at a right angle from transformational Pluto all month. Unconventional fixes are the ones
that work best. If they are high-tech, so much the better, but what is most important is to get to the heart of the problem.

Meanwhile Venus, planet of attraction and beauty, turns retrograde for six weeks beginning March 4th. This opens the door to reviving dormant relationships and a second look at negotiations of all types. Artists and designers, use this opportunity to go through your files and look for inspiration from past work. The term retrograde contains the word retro and retro looks find favor now.


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And while you’re mixing your color palette, consider that in Aries, Venus is brash and bold. Aries, ruled by Mars is associated with the color red. Do keep in mind that Venus is associated with money. Under Venus retrograde the potential is higher than normal for delayed payments and sluggish cash flow. Don’t overextend yourself and put off starting new business ventures until Venus stations direct on April 15th, also tax day, hmmm.
Passions lower a few notches when Mars steps into steady Taurus on March 9th. Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aries create a condition called a mutual reception, when each planet is in the sign ruled by the other.

This creates a simpatico relationship between the planet associated with femininity and the planet associated with masculinity. A mutual reception between Mars and Venus is great for psychological integration and understanding between the two genders, not to mention romantic sparks. It lasts until April 3rd.