All hands on deck. This month it’s time to get moving. With a fiery grand trine it’s hard not to be fired up at the month’s prospects going forward.

All points point to Saturn in Sagittarius prodding you to align your goals with your highest values and take concrete action to make them real. The challenge is to maintain focus when so many delightful distractions abound. June’s Gemini Sun is prone to distraction even under the best of circumstances; Mars, also in cerebral Gemini, seeks them out. How can one complete one item when there is a new glittery option at every turn? Nonetheless, Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, is in Taurus; this slows the circus down somewhat.



Emotion drives Mars when it enters Cancer on the 4th. Mars shows how you take action; in Cancer the tendency is to be reactive. Mars moves its focus to such Cancerian issues as family, home and security. Channeling energy into a martial art and tackling home maintenance and improvement tasks are excellent ways to work off steam during Mars’s six-week stay.

A number of energy shifts have taken place by the time you experience the full moon on the 9th. The full moon itself highlights the need to adjust your vision and values to ensure they re mutually supportive.


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With inspirational Neptune forming a ‘T’ to the full moon, the doors of the imagination open wide. Venus, associated with values and things you find valuable, has just entered Taurus. The planet’s energy functions very well here because Taurus slows down, simplifies and grounds what it touches. Values serve you best when they are grounded enabling them to provide a reliable framework for decision-making. Venus is also delighted by Taurus’s love of luxury and awareness of sensual pleasures.

Meanwhile, Mercury moving at maximum speed, is sprinting through its home sign of Gemini. Like Venus in Taurus, the planet of thinking and mental function is at home in cerebral Gemini. Our minds make quick connections and process information rapidly.

Take a time-out around the 16th to strengthen your spiritual connection to the Universe when Neptune pauses to station retrograde. On the 20th, head opens to heart as cerebral Gemini energy gives way to water sign Cancer. This transition also coincides with the summer solstice and the onset of the summer season. Daylight has overtaken
darkness as the hours of light have reached their max in the northern hemisphere.

In Cancer, the Sun with Mercury nipping at its heels, joins Mars in the world of feeling to help you reconnect with your emotion and instinct. You work through a subjective lens evaluating action and experience by how it feels. Feeling can discern truth even when hidden by facts.

The new moon on the 23rd turns the focus on home, family and personal security. Using the month to focus on taking care of the home and the people that nurture you is a fine way to use the Cancer new moon energy. In the process you’ve strengthened your connection with your roots and rejuvenated your soul.

Lastly, around the 29th, be on the alert for hotheads on the roadways and other places. Mars, the planet of action teams up with Mercury, planet of speech in emotional Cancer. Take a moment to think before acting and speaking and you’ll save a lot of grief.