The triumph of the hotheads dissipates during the first week of July. Nonetheless, feelings rule when four planets are moving through water signs, particularly when three are traveling through thin-skinned Cancer.

Your internal radar is working on overtime. You only have to tune into the stirrings in your gut to know what’s happening. When you pay attention to how and what you are feeling you receive the information your body is giving you. Your body is very wise and it behooves you to listen.


Being so sensitive it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the stimuli in your environment. Cancer crabs carry their shell with them for good reason. Drawing into yours, surrounded by people and things that nourish you and make you feel safe, refreshes and rejuvenates you. Be gentle with yourself and others.


Although feeling vulnerable, you find the courage to stand up for yourself when your integrity is challenged between the 8th and 11th when the full moon, tightly aligned with Pluto, faces down the Sun and Mars. Neptune lends a helping hand guiding you to tune into your inner wisdom so you will know exactly what you must do.


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Staying loose and nimble from the 18th to the 20th will help you stay balanced when Mars and the Sun form right angles to Uranus. This configuration is famous for throwing a kink or two into the most carefully laid plans…

Uranus’s function is to upset the apple cart to open you up to the unconventional. Ingenuity reigns. One caveat, when Uranus riles up Mars, the planet of action tends to get rash. Taking a minute to cool down prevents arguments and accidents.

The Sun makes a grand entrance into Leo on the 22nd, followed immediately by a new moon on the 23rd. When Leo rules the skies, it’s time to be seen and appreciated. Display your fashion flair and zest for life. People are attracted to your warm, generous nature. No matter your actual Sun sign, we are all honorary Leos now. Every new moon is a monthly fresh start. This one engages you to indulge your creativity and your inner child (not to mention actual children, human or furry). Spirits are high and inspiration abounds with fiery six planets lighting up the heavens. During the upcoming month, schedule some playtime. The Sun’s journey through Leo is the traditional time or vacations and trips down the shore.