Inspiration is strong as the New Year opens and so is the potential to manifest your dreams. By writing down your goals and discussing them with people you trust, you ground and clarify your thinking. The key to
achievement is to stay connected with pursuits that fuel your passion. Creative juices are turned way up when Venus enters Pisces on the 4th.


Venus rules art, creativity as well as romance and money. Your imagination is very rich as the doors to the unconscious open just a bit wider now. Pay attention to your dreams. If you are dating, this month is a good
time to put feelers out. Venus stays in until March 3rd, Don’t sign on the dotted line until Mercury turns direct on the 8th. That day also begins a rare period that lasts until February 7th when every single planet is moving forward. This is a cosmic green light to take action to move forward.


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Circumstances may impress the need to stand up for your own truth and authenticity from January 6th through the 10th. This is when the Sun merges with the planet of transformation and later challenges the planet of freedom. Trust that the universe supports you and that you can be the agent of your own change. Just don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
If you are an artist or creative type, red circle the 12th when Venus meets up with Pisces’ ruler Neptune and Mars sidles up to the planet of transformation. You’ll want to keep your sketchbook nearby. Deep wells of fantasy and imagination well up as brush touches paper. Fortunately Mercury enters Capricorn to ground your thinking process.
Your fine instinct will guide you through a day of complex planetary patterns marked by a full moon. Find a quiet place to get away from the people pulling you in different directions.
Frustration levels are high around the 19th and 20th when the planet of action bangs into the planet of “no.” Take baby steps, bide your time, and watch your speed on the highway. This, too, shall pass. When Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th, all eyes turn to the future. In the United States a new president will take the oath of office.
The Aquarius new moon on the 27th is your monthly fresh-start. Budgets are tight, but with creative planning, you will have enough resources to do what needs to be done.