The cheerful, extroverted energy of Sagittarius rules the December skies. Holiday season is upon us and December is a whirl of parties, shopping, socializing, not to mention maintaining work and family obligations. Sagittarius is a future-oriented sign. The Sagittarian archer beckons you to aim high and look at the big picture as he shoots his arrow into the stars. But this month you find yourself looking back before moving forward.

This is due in large part to Mercury about to go retrograde on the 3rd. Mercury rules the thinking function; moving retrograde, an apparent backward motion as seen from Earth, motivates you to look backwards, too. Editing and review are the two most common functions.


The usual mercury retrograde advice applies. Be vigilant about backing up the computer and hold off signing major contracts. Check and double check to ensure ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed. This is particularly important now because Mercury is traveling through Sagittarius where the planet’s detail-oriented nature tends to be overwhelmed by the sign’s big-picture focus.

Nonetheless, in about two weeks, Saturn is about to exit Sagittarius after a two-and-a-half year stay. This Mercury retrograde period can be put to good use by ensuring that preparations are made to take pending items to completion.


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During Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius you’ve been reevaluating your personal truths and philosophy and your relationship with religion to understand where you fit in the larger scheme of things. Events that
time highlighted aspects that didn’t stand up to the cold eye of reality prompted you to examine further.

This has been done in concert with a hard look and evaluation of your future. What goals you have set for yourself and what actions you have taken to make them concrete? The precise area where your effort has taken place depends on the area of your chart where you find Sagittarius.

You are far wiser and self-aware than you were at the end of 2014 when Saturn entered the sign. Your life has changed profoundly. The passage of time will provide additional perspective on how profoundly your life has changed.

Mars and Uranus are at loggerheads as the month begins. Consider the plethora of crashed cars pulled over on the side of the highway as an indicator of the aspects heightened risk for accidents. Slow down and watch out for the knucklehead in the next lane. And look out for a-ha insights.

The month takes a major turn from the 19th through the 22nd when several events occur close together. Optimism is in the air on the 18th as the new moon at 26 Sagittarius bids you to look ahead to the future. Each new moon is a monthly fresh-start. Five planets in Sagittarius aided by boundary-breaking Uranus encourage you to set an intention to raise your sights and aim high.

The very next day Saturn leaves Sagittarius where it won’t revisit for another thirty years. Saturn’s two-and-a-half year visit in Capricorn is discussed in the overview.

The winter solstice begins on December 21st when the Sun enters grounded Capricorn and joins Saturn. The hours of darkness have reached their maximum length in the northern hemisphere and from now on, days will gradually lengthen. The very next day Mercury ends its retrograde period preparing to resume its forward motion.

It’s time to step into your future, clear-eyed and grounded, making use of your new-found wisdom.

Happy New Year.