November 21 to December 21, 2020 – The Time of Sagittarius

An old astrologer once said that when a client is looking for hope, look for Jupiter. 

This planet is the ruler of Sagittarius. And when the Sun enters Jupiter’s sign on November 21st, we all feel uplifted by his hope and optimism expressed by the lights and festivity that fills the holiday season.

The Sun visits Sag at the time of the year when nights are darkest. The Archer beckons you to look past the darkness, aim high to the light and peer to the future.

With a volatile Aries moon bumping up against the Capricorn trio, opinionated family members will not be shy about blowing smoke at many a Thanksgiving Day gathering.

Bring yourself back to the raison d’etre of the holiday, the opportunity to give thanks to all that is going right. Because no matter how tough your circumstances, there is always something that is working. After all, the Sun comes up every morning and you’re alive to see it.

The lunar eclipse of November 30th challenges you to live a vision true to your values while opposing Moon in Gemini asks you to find supporting facts. Taking responsibility for your actions and conducting yourself with dignity are the gifts of the Capricorn trio.

At mid-month things start getting even more interesting. Mercury tied with a solar eclipse on the 14th at 23° Sagittarius lets the light in.

Solar eclipses open the door to the future. But we have to wait just an eensy bit longer to enter. Jupiter and Saturn have made it to the very, very end of Capricorn, but they are not quite finished.  In the next week there is a final opportunity to tie up the very last dangling loose ends.

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