The Universe is trigger-happy in August. Astrological triggers are astrological events such as eclipses and planetary stations that trigger events in your life when they make direct contact with your birth chart. In August we experience a lunar and a solar eclipse plus three planetary stations. Lots of change, lots of mental shifts are afoot.

The first occurs on the 3rd when Uranus, now at 28 Aries, stands motionless in the sky and slowly begins its retrograde journey. When a planet changes direction (see Mercury retrograde), its influence is felt more strongly than usual.


When that planet is Uranus, it’s anything but business as usual. Uranus’s exciting energy triggers surprises that seem to be coming out of left field. It also triggers breakthroughs and sometimes breakdowns. Its energy makes us restless, unable or unwilling to tolerate the same old routine especially if that routine is limiting.

Nonetheless, Uranus opens you to original thinking. As a result you might just come up with a truly unique and ingenious solution to a problem that’s been vexing you.


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Meanwhile Jupiter stands at a right angle with Pluto during the first week of the month. Although some may be impelled to push their version of universal truth down everyone’s throat, this energy encourages you to plug into a larger than life vision of what’s possible. If you are clear and focused you can make it happen. This configuration appeared this past November and March. Issues and themes from those time periods are likely to reappear.

A lunar eclipse on August 7th at 15 Aquarius/Leo pushes you into the future. The Universe wants you to follow your passion. The Sun is revitalized from its recent meeting with Mars and energized by Jupiter’s optimism. You feel you can overcome any obstacle. A ‘Y’ shaped configuration to the Sun from Pluto and Neptune further validates the message.

Nonetheless, Mercury begins another one of its customary retrograde periods on the 12th, something it does three to four times a year. With Mercury in detail-oriented Virgo, it’s time to go back to dot your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t‘s. The Mercury retrograde section is full of tips on using the energy productively. The planet will be retrograde until September 5th.

The solar eclipse on August 21st, at 28 Leo, reinforces the message of the lunar eclipse to believe in yourself. No matter your Sun sign, your creativity and vitality are strong. Jupiter, Uranus and Venus in a ‘T’ formation support you in your quest to live an authentic life and be true to yourself. Setting an intention to move in that direction is very powerful.

Meanwhile, Saturn, which has been retrograde in the sign of higher aspiration since the first week in April, begins to move forward on the 25th. You have a deeper understanding of your core values and the work to do to make them concrete. Projects on hold since the first week of April start to take on new life. Now that the Sun has recently entered practical Virgo you’re eager to get down to work. A nice connection between Jupiter and Saturn at month-end helps you focus and eases the way.