Following April 2017 Pet Business Astrology Forecast


If you’ve been planning a makeover or getting a drastically different do, hold off just a little while longer. Among other things, Venus describes what you find attractive and appealing. Venus, still retrograde as April opens, backtracks into Pisces on the 3rd. Tastes change. Wait until next month to decide if you still really want that new haircut.

You’re reassessing the emotional energy you put into relationships with those you care about. In Pisces, you require nourishment on a feeling level and a real spiritual connection. You won’t go wrong by following your inner guidance.

On another level you’re reassessing your values and what you find truly valuable. One reflection of your values is where you choose to expend your time and resources. This is why astrologers find an association between Venus and money.

Reality knocks at the full moon on the 11th when Venus finds herself at right angle from Saturn. Right angle configurations or squares impel you to take an action. The specific issue could be anything from bureaucratic delay, a truth revealed about a partner, a delay of funds that are due to you, or a disappointment from someone you care about.


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When Saturn gangs up on Venus, he forces you to you rely on your own inner resources. The payoff is you figure out how to be enterprising and grow a bit wiser. And you’re liable to find something you thought was essential really wasn’t all that necessary.

Meanwhile Mercury has turned retrograde on the 9th for a three-and-a half week journey, something that it does three times a year. You are not only reassessing your relationships and your values, but you are reassessing your thinking as well.

The usual Mercury retrograde advice still applies: use the time to edit, review, and refine work that you’ve previously done or is in process. And catch up on those backburner projects in the process. With both Venus and Mercury retrograde most of the month, April is a great time reconnect with old friends and old leads. In fact you’re quite likely to hear from a voice or two from the past.

Venus resumes direct motion on April 15th and Mercury on May 3rd. Energy shifts again when Sun enters Taurus on the 19th for its monthly visit and Pluto turns retrograde on the 20th. It’s during the Sun’s visit in Taurus that Mother Earth comes alive and showers the landscape with greenery and color. It is one reason that the holidays of renewal such as Easter and Passover are celebrated during this time of year.


Issues around the uses and misuse of power arise when Pluto changes
direction. If directly affected you’re challenged, but discover just how powerful you really are. The door is also open for deep healing and transformation if you are willing to let go of things, people, attitudes that hold your life back.

The new moon on the 26th offers a monthly fresh-start. This new moon is in earthy Taurus provides grounded perspective as you assimilate the energy of a highly charged month.