Let’s step backward to look at the big picture. With big picture Jupiter and Sagittarius playing outsize roles in 2017, this is an appropriate place to begin.
Jupiter is the planetary ruler of Sagittarius, the archer who aims his arrow up into the stars. When seen from such an elevated vantage point, the disparate little pieces fit into a larger beautiful mosaic.


Powerful outer planet transits from the end of the last decade have upended our economy, politics and foreign affairs. Although the configurations have largely moved out of formation, their impact continues to reverberate strongly through 2017 and beyond until 2019 and 2020 when Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto meet each other in various
combinations, beginning a brand new chapter.
So in many ways, 2017 is part of a transitional process to help us prepare for a shift of major proportions.
Much of what is going on in 2017 helps you clarify the definition of who you are, what makes you tick, and strengthen the foundation of your moral compass.
Since 2010, Uranus, the planet of freedom and rebellion has been traveling through Aries, the sign of the individual. It leaves the sign in 2018, although it returns to Aries for a final hurrah at the year’s end. In
addition to unrest and upset as well as stunning technological advancement, it has been a time that suppressed voices made themselves heard.

Uranus has been a player in the major planetary patterns that have characterized the decade’s breakneck social and technological change and turmoil. More than anything else, it was the tight square aspect
Uranus made with Pluto through 2015 that has been the decade’s defining planetary configuration.


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While the current Uranus and Pluto alignment is no longer exact to the penny, it is still less than three degrees from exactitude in early 2017 and remains within spitting distance through much of 2017.

Look to the place where you find Aries in your chart. This is where you have been overturning convention and asserting yourself in a particularly unique way.

Meanwhile Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius that began at the tail end of 2014 still continues. It features controversy around areas associated with Sagittarius including higher education, immigration, the legal system, etc. Saturn’s visit to a sign signals the application of hard cold reality; Saturn’s other function is to consolidate, limit and shrink. Hence, the emphasis on efforts to rein in escalating college tuition and lessen the burden of student loans that played such a big role in the recent presidential campaign.
Other Saturn in Sagittarius controversies include the immigration crisis, shootings of unarmed African American men and police officers, and litigation around Voter ID laws. On an individual level, Saturn’s visit will continue to bring experiences that are providing a reality check to your core values and ethical foundations. It also increases your intellectual discipline. By the time it leaves Sagittarius in December, your concept of truth and sense of identity will be on a much firmer foundation.
Last November Jupiter, newly arrived in Libra, formed a 90-degree alignment with Pluto, signaling the collision of the pursuit of justice versus brute power. Corruption of the systems of law and law enforcement, higher education, and the institutions of organized religion will come to light to be purged. Conflicts regarding the rights of the many versus the influence of big money will also be highlighted.
On a personal level, you will be evaluating your own belief systems both consciously and unconsciously to ensure they are in alignment with your deepest values. The Jupiter/Pluto square will be in alignment through the end of August.
Jupiter traveling through Libra puts the spotlight on partnerships and one-to-one connections. Look to the place where you find Libra in your chart to find where your interpersonal dealings get a boost. This is a splendid time for pairings of all kinds whether business or the romantic variety.
Wedding industry professionals will see their business increase as couples are more apt to wed. With Jupiter out of tightwad Virgo, they are more apt to demand luxury in their events.
While Jupiter remains in Libra until October 9th, Libra’s ruler Venus, goes retrograde this year. It will spend five months, from February until early June in Aries, helping you to reacquaint yourself with your warrior energy. In Aries, Venus is brash and quite a bit flirtatious. Artists and designers will enjoy using a bold color palette that includes lots of Mars-ruled Aries favorite color, red.
The actual retrograde period lasts from March 4th through April 15th. This period is ripe for reviving dormant relationships and a second look at negotiations of all types. If you’re an artist or designer, look through
your files for inspiration from past work.
It’s best to follow the conventional astrological wisdom and refrain from making radical changes in your hairstyle (you probably won’t be happy) or starting a new business venture until Venus goes direct. Because
Venus is associated with money, Venus retro periods carry a higher than normal potential for cash flow and slow pay issues. These generally right themselves once the planet returns to forward motion.

Mercury retrogrades, too, as it does every year. This year, each Mercury retrograde period begins in an earth sign reminding you to be practical and grounded in your thinking. They all retrograde back to fire,
reminding you to tap into what inspires you, too, but not until you’ve done your homework.
The 2017 Mercury retrograde periods are:
Until January 8th
April 9th to May 3rd
August 12th to September 5th
December 3rd to December 22nd