Pet Business Planning Almanack is written by Laurren Darr and Ellen Zucker; published by Left Paw Press    ALMANACPetBusiness2016_3D

International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals and Left Paw Press are pleased to announce the publishing of the the Pet Business Planning Almanack. It is now available worldwide on various online book retailer sites like Amazon.

The Pet Business Planning Almanack – 2016 is the ultimate planning tool for running a successful pet business. Packed with insight and knowledge of the pet industry, it is a comprehensive guide to marketing your business, whether it’s through social media, public relations, events, trade shows and conferences, advertising or direct mail.

It includes listings of pet holidays by month, week and date, odd holidays by date, pet industry media and publications, pet-related trade shows, conferences and events, pet fashion weeks and pet industry organizations, along with helpful articles on such topics as deciding what trade shows to attend, understanding the difference between advertising and public relations and using fashion weeks for your pet fashion business. Also featured is a special astrology section by Ellen Zucker, offering valuable cosmic insights tailored to the planets related to pets, marketing, business, and fashion.

Written by the incomparable Laurren Darr of the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals and the fab Ellen Zucker, the Pet Business Almanack 2016 is an indispensible resource for anyone in the pet industry.



Purchasers of the print edition on Amazon can take advantage of getting the Kindle edition for free