Ode To The Belly Rub Pug

by Laurren Darr

I have a pug named Bella
She’s quite the character too
When it comes to her life, there’s one thing she always wants me to do


She constantly wants belly rubs

No matter when or where

Just give her a glance and her belly’s right there


Belly rubs in the morning
Belly rubs at night
Belly rubs even when I’m trying to write


She came from a pug rescue

So timid and shy

Then, one day, on her back, she’d roll over and lie

Belly rubs here
Belly rubs there
Belly rubs even when I’m combing her hair


Fitting in with the family

That was the goal

Now, she’s part of us and we love her soul


Belly rubs in any place or pose

Belly rubs including a scratch of the back
Belly rubs even when we’re at the race track

If I had a dime for every belly rub bestowed,

I’d be a wealthy person in a week or two
But that would never be worth the time, Bella, we’ve spent with you



I wrote this poem as I was writing my latest pug children’s book that was about Bella.  If people enjoy reading about Bella and her belly rubs, the story can be found in my vibrantly illustrated children’s book, Little Baby Bella The Belly Rub Pug, available on Amazon.