October 2018 Pet Business Astrology Forecast

Mother Nature delights with a blaze of glorious color as she scurries to prepare for the entrance of Old Man Winter. Already nights are quite long and the air brisk. Autumn is a time of preparation for us, too.


As October opens, its skies are ruled by Libra, the sign of balance and balancing. The way forward is through cooperation with others. Libra, the natural ruler of the Seventh house of partnerships and one-to-one interactions asks you to consider that two heads are better than one. Whether serving as a strategic ally or significant other, a second person provides strength in the areas where you are weak and extends your reach. And vice versa.

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But to make it work there must be give and take and mutual understanding. Unbridled egos must be reined in.


Pluto begins moving direct as the month begins to jumpstart undertakings that stalled out in mid-April. But the big news is that Venus is at a standstill, about to begin its retrograde journey. Venus retrogrades every year-and-a-half for approximately 40 days.


Venus represents your values and what you find attractive. During this time, you’ll reevaluate your inner values and the expression of your self-image as they stack up against the expectations of society. This is a process largely happening on an unconscious level. That’s why an abrupt change in style or décor made during a Venus Retro period generally results in dissatisfaction after the planet has resumed its direct motion.


Old relationships and old contacts pop up so you can observe habit patterns and work out unresolved conflicts. If that is the case for you, look for the day or two around the 27th for an event will bring such an issue to a head.


Partnerships, legal matters and negotiation are front and center on the 8th when the new moon accentuates the Sign of the Scales.


Meanwhile, the Sun enters mysterious Scorpio on the 23rd followed by a sensual Taurus full moon the very next day.


Life’s mysteries beckon.