Step back and look at all that has transpired since July. Since then, energy and events have moved forward at breakneck pace. But from time-to-time, the Universe wants you to take a deep breath and take time out so that you can integrate the changes and catch up on back burner projects.

It announces these time-out periods through the onset of retrograde motion. As October begins, Mercury, who retrogrades three times a year, has slowed and is about to begin its final retrograde journey of the year (October 4-25). Refer to my section on Mercury Retrograde in the 2014 Overview in the Pet Fashion Almanac 2014 for more detail. But in summary, it is best to refrain from making major commitments or signing major contracts this month.

Mercury, being the planet of the mind, rules perception and information gathering. With Mercury’s change in direction your perspective is likely to change. And then change again when it returns to direct motion.

Oftentimes, details are overlooked during Mercury retrograde. After Mercury returns to forward motion, it is common for new information to come out that changes the picture.

Get up to date on your computer backups and be careful when scheduling to be clear on all of the details. These are two areas that can be problematic during Mercury retrograde periods. Instead, use this time to shift to your Mercury retrograde projects. Refining, redoing, research are excellent uses of this energy. Catching up on record-keeping, reconnecting with old leads and other contacts from the past can be very fruitful.

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