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In the northern hemisphere, Mother Nature is getting ready for winter. Gone are leaves on deciduous trees. Birds have flown south and remaining wildlife is squirreling away nuts and preparing to hunker down for the harsh season ahead.

Likewise, this is an excellent time to sit down with your financial planner to review your financial position while there is time to take effective action regarding your tax position for the current year.

The planetary patterns during the first week of the month are particularly well-suited for this kind of activity. The Sun is traveling through Scorpio, sign of wealth, resources and financial obligations, while Venus, Mars and Jupiter are still traveling through Virgo, sign of counting and accounting.

If you are planning to present a proposal, financial or otherwise, consider the 10th, when the Sun connects with the planet of abundance, or the 11th when the moon repeats the same aspect to Jupiter, to stack the deck in your favor.

The 11th also brings a new moon at 19 degrees of Scorpio reinforcing the emphasis on financials.

Mercury closely tied to this new moon, meets the Sun a week later, so expect news or even a decision about actions taken close to the time of the new moon at that time.

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