The intensity of the Sun’s journey through Scorpio continues for another three weeks as it does every year at this time. The popular holiday, Halloween, at the end of last month presents many of Scorpio’s themes. The landscape is plastered by images of ghosts, goblins, and witches. Daylight Savings time has ended and darkness comes very early.November 1st brings All Saints Day and, in Mexico, the Day of the Dead when families visit the gravesites where their deceased family members lie to partake a feast with their spirits. This is a joyous time.

It is commonly believed in Spiritualist circles that the veil between the living and the dead is thinner at this time of year. If you work with your psychic or mediumistic abilities, you’ll find it is easier to make contact with people and pets that have crossed over.

November is traditionally an excellent time to attend to financial planning matters. The year is nearing its end yet there is still time to take action on tax related matters. And Pluto, planetary ruler of Scorpio, is associated with wealth.

Scorpio is also the natural placement of the 8th house which governs your relationships with credit, creditors, partner’s resources, and insurance. Use this opportunity to review how they are working or not, then adjust accordingly.

Mercury is moving forward again this month, so plans and projects that were put on hold will regain their traction. With Sun, Saturn, Venus, joined by Mercury on November 8th, lined up in Scorpio, the Universe is telling to face your realities head-on and cut out that which has outlived its usefulness. In so doing you are following Mother Nature’s lead. After all, in Northern latitudes, it is this time of year that trees have shorn themselves of leaves laying bare the clean lines of the branches that lie beneath.

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