I’ve been a little surprised lately by some of the lineup for the fall TV season. You’ll find “Naked and Afraid,” which has aired before. But, other shows have jumped on the bandwagon like “Naked Dating” and “Naked Wedding.”NakedDog7



So, when Dana Humphrey, Nancy Hassel, and I were chatting on our most recent Hangout on the International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals YouTube Channel and Dana mentioned a “Naked Dog Party” coming up, I began to wonder, “Is Naked Now En Vogue For Pet Fashion also?”

Of course, I was intrigued and had to learn more— not in a creepy, voyeuristic kind of way, but, if you think about it: if the latest fashion trend is running around naked, that could put a lot of folks out of business, right?

Well, it turns out, there was a real business purpose for this “Naked Dog Party” held September 17th at New York Dog Nanny in New York that was free (in more than one sense of the word!) and open to the public. NakedDog4The invite said that dogs were welcome, but owners had to be on a leash… if only most of life’s events could be that way. Anyway, apparently, it was a launch party for PetFriendlyLiving.com, which is a really cool concept, by the way.

PetFriendlyLiving.com is a website that caters to pet friendly real estate listings. It’s a unique site in that it “helps pet owners find homes, apartments, and vacations that allow you to enjoy your special family members everywhere you are.” Now, how does it get any better than that?



So, in case you’re wondering, this isn’t just for dog parents. If you have a dog, cat, bird, chicken, pig, or horse, their goal is to match needs of pet parents all in one convenient place. (For those of us that have a pug and a sometimes very loud blue and gold macaw bird, this is very important!)





Now, the company was founded by Joshua S. Garay just this year to fill a void in the niche area of real estate. He designed it to create efficiency in the real estate market while allowing pet owners to easily weed out places that are simply not a good fit for them. NakedDog3


And, full disclosure, PetFriendlyLiving.com is a brand of Good Living Lifestyles Company. Their goal is to match the needs of buyers and renters with those of property owners quickly. NakedDog6



Heck even Pink Dog Frankie was there (but sporting some cool shades). Chai Latte arrived with Karen Sanabria. And, who could miss Chewie with Karine Ng? NakedDog8OH! And, the drink du jour? The Naked brand, of course!

Note: Photo credits: Steve Barkaszi

Thank you to Dana Humphrey of Whitegate PR for providing the information for this event!