2018 May Pet Business Astrology Forecast


It’s May and the landscape is green and verdant.  The sun smiles as the season of spring honors you with a panoply of colorful flowers and the perfume of freshly cut grass.


The Sun is moving through fixed Taurus, the sign that represents Mother Earth herself. She tells you it’s time to smell the roses and appreciate the beauty of the physical world. We are sensual beings. By honoring our physical bodies and the pleasure of our senses we ground ourselves.


This transit is also an invitation to review your finances because Taurus is concerned with security; financial and otherwise.


Then there is the new moon on the 15th that takes place just hours before Mars and Uranus leave their respective signs. An energy shift is taking place and we’re moving into new territory.


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Mars moves into idiosyncratic Aquarius but the big news is slow-moving Uranus’s entry into Taurus. Wherever you find Uranus you can expect the sudden and the unexpected. It’s also the place where there’s ingenuity and innovation. Your values and your ideas about money and security will be challenged in the next eight years while Uranus moves through this sign.


Venus moves into Cancer on the 19th opening your heart and enhancing your protectiveness towards those humans and animals you consider to be family. Meanwhile, the Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th bringing in sparkling light energy and a whirl of activity. Gemini is the sign of the Twins and you find yourself busy as a bee.


The month ends with a perky full moon in Sagittarius/Gemini pushing you out of your shell as Mercury moving into its home sign of Gemini implores you to feed your mind and nurture your business and social connections.