Each month we’ll bring you excerpts (below) from Ellen Zucker’s pet fashion astrology forecasts that she wrote as a co-author for the Pet Fashion Almanac 2015 with Laurren Darr, Founder of International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals.

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The placement of Venus and its relationship with other planets in your chart describes how you attract resources as well as your taste and style.
It has a similar function in the chart of your business. Since money is a resource, Venus is also an indicator of the flow and availability of money to you.

Every May begins with the Sun moving through Taurus, ruled by Venus, the money planet. Taurus is also concerned about security and being
grounded making the time of year when Sun travels through Taurus an excellent time to have a financial check up.
This year, your financial checkup is liable to pass with glowing colors.

The period from the 3rd through the 5th is a good period for financial matters.

It begins with the full moon who pulls Jupiter, planet of abundance, into a ‘T’ square configuration with the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio on the full moon on the 3rd . Then, on the 5th, the Sun and Pluto enjoy an easy exchange of energy. Pluto is the planet of wealth. The bottom line ought to be looking good. And if it’s not, there are fixes at hand.

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