Passion and Prosperity…

April showers bring May 2014 pet fashion astrology flowers, so the old rhyme goes, and last month’s April brought showers, not to mention sparks aplenty.

The month starts out with Sun, Moon, and Mercury in practical Taurus, grounding us and shining some light on good old-fashioned common sense. Taurus-related activities such as gardening, where you are literally working with the soil, are very grounding. They will help you regain your bearings as last month’s tensions linger.

But passions increase on May 2nd when Venus, Taurus’s ruler and the cosmic binding agent enters Mars’ sign, Aries.

Venus likes to bring things and people together, hence its association with relationships and prosperity. But now she has gone into the me-first sign of Aries where the lady of attraction must assert herself.

Meanwhile Mars is in Venus’s sign of Libra. This condition, where two planets are in each other’s signs, is called a mutual reception and it binds the energies of the two together. So there is an extra sizzle in the air, an uptick in traffic at online dating sites, and an opportunity to find a balance between archetypical male and female energies, not to mention between the actual men and women in your life.

With opposites attracting and mirroring each other, this is a good time to emphasize themes of romance and ‘boy meets girl’ in your marketing. From a business standpoint, the promise of the current planetary pattern is to create and strengthen alliances. Healthy strategic alliances can extend your reach and compensate for areas of weakness.

As for your personal and business partnerships, give and take is what it’s all about. No relationship can succeed for the long term unless there is an equivalence of give-and-take on each side. This is true whether the relationship
is of a personal or business nature.

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