2018 March Pet Business Astrology Forecast


Objectivity is in short supply when March begins; no planets are in air signs.  Instead five planets are in water including the four in day-dreamy Pisces. If it feels right in your gut it must be true.


You are more sensitive to stimuli than usual; if your environment is difficult it’s particularly important to allow for downtime to allow your body and mind to detox and rebalance.


Water sign energy is introspective; the real action is going on in the subconscious where you can’t see it. It feeds your creative and regenerative processes that spark the burst of vitality that course through your veins when the planets are reborn in Aries.


Those still waters run deep.


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And vigor increases as the personal planets advance into Aries: first Venus and Mercury on the 6th, then the Sun on the 20th.


The March 17th new moon’s energy helps you integrate inner consciousness with a more present day-to-day focus. Winter is coming to an end. It’s time to tie up loose ends and let old burdens die.


In the meantime, Mercury is slowing, preparing to begin its first retrograde period of the year (March 22nd through April 15th). Since its effects can be felt up to two weeks before it pivots, it’s best to refrain from taking on major new commitments and signing important contracts until mid-April. Double check your schedule and back up the computer.


Mercury Retrograde periods are the opportunity to redo what wasn’t done right the first time or edit and refine existing efforts to get a better result. And reconnect with those from the past. Read the section in Mercury retrograde for more detail on what it is and how best to handle it.