Each month, we’ll be bringing to you a listing of the holidays by date, week, and month. See below for the March 2015 Pet Holidays.

You’ll find a comprehensive listing of pet holidays in the 2015 Pet Fashion Almanac and the 2015 Pet Holiday Calendar – both of which you can get on Amazon.com. The Pet Fashion Almanac is also available in the iBooks store.


March Pet Holidays by Month
• Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month
• Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month
• Poison Prevention Awareness Month

March Pet Holidays by Week
2nd week:
• Professional Pet Sitters Week
• National Aardvark Week

3rd week:
• National Wildlife Week
• National Poison Prevention Week

March Pet Holidays by Date
March 1 National Horse Protection Day & National Pig Day
March 3 If Pets Had Thumbs Day
March 13 K9 Veteran’s Day
March 14 Save A Spider Day & Learn About Butterflies Day
March 15 Buzzard’s Day
March 16 Panda Day
March 20 World Frog Day

March 22 International Day of the Seal
March 23 World Turtle Day & National Puppy Day
March 25 Manatee Appreciation Day
March 28 Respect Your Cat Day