Dream. Imagine. Create.

The entrance of March 2014 in pet fashion astrology is punctuated by Mercury’s return to forward motion and a new moon at 11 Pisces. In other words, a monthly fresh start. This new moon on March 1 is tied in with the watery energy of Neptune, Pisces’ ruler. When there is an abundance of planets in water signs (and this month begins with 5 or 50%), the world appears in soft focus.

Water energy predominates; the action is happening internally, in the subconscious where you may not have access to it. Meditation, paying attention to dreams and enjoying solitude is very fruitful and healing.

Pisces lives in the world of imagination and this is the time to let your imagination wander where it may. Pisces lies firmly in the land of the right-brain, so linear rules and structure do not apply. For this reason it is fine to let your imagination meander where it pleases and be on the lookout for serendipity. You may want to program your dreams: focus on a problem or write down a question just before going to bed, to ask your unconscious to come up with a solution. It often does, as a dream, a thought, or an image hovering in the semi-conscious upon waking. Music and art inspires. If you are drawn to creating art or just playing, pick up a paintbrush or whatever medium you prefer. Music in the background can get you going.

Your intuition is more sensitive now. Aside from dreams, intuition often makes itself known through your body. Pay attention to the nagging feeling in your gut, a pull, one way or another. Because of the introspective, unconscious orientation of this energy, some people feel enervated or lack focus. If you feel this, don’t be concerned. Like the revitalization that takes place deep in the soil in winter, your creative juices are being reinvigorated. In this way you are not unlike a plant, dormant in winter. Soon spring will come and with it new shoots, revitalized and green will make their way through the soil’s surface.

In our left-brained, achievement-oriented culture, the needs and achievements of the right-brain tends to be downplayed or even disparaged. But nourishing your dreams and giving rein to your imaginative processes is the key to your creativity.

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