2018 June Pet Business Astrology Forecast

The days are long and the scent of jasmine permeates the air. Sun in social Gemini beckons you to get out of your shell and mingle. Gemini not only rules the connectors in our bodies such as the hands, but it rules our social interpersonal connections as well. An Air sign, Gemini craves information and needs to feed the intellect. John F Kennedy was one such example.


The big news for June is that Mars begins to move retrograde. Mars retrogrades every two years for approximately two-months. While it doesn’t make its pivot until June 26th, Mars has been slowing all month. By the time June dawns, you are already feeling its effects.


Mars retrograde energy changes the way you assert yourself and express anger. Mars represents your vitality and sexuality and how you get want you want and need. When Mars is retrograde, its energy is moving inward. Aries and Scorpio find it more difficult to express anger while those born under other signs find they are uncharacteristically irritable and impatient.

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Nonetheless, a Mars retrograde period is a fantastic time to revisit old conflicts so you can resolve them once and for all. It’s also an opportunity review the way you handle anger in general. New initiatives started now run out of steam so this would be a poor time to start a business. It’s said that the party who initiates a lawsuit or an argument during a Mars retrograde period loses.

Like Mercury retrograde, this is an excellent time to review old matters and projects already in progress.


The new moon on the 13th is your monthly fresh start. With Neptune drawn into the new moon configuration, the challenge is to maintain clarity amidst confusion. But for poets and creative writers the gates to imagination open.


The longest day of the year occurs on June 21st when the Sun enters Cancer and launches the new season of Summer. We transition from logical mental to sensitive feeling mode. Then a full moon on the 28th marks the month’s end and intuition opens as the Sun forms a water triangle with Jupiter and Neptune. Meanwhile the no-nonsense Capricorn Moon pulls in Saturn to remind us to face reality.