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June 2016 Pet Business Astrology Forecast

Early June coincides with the Sun’s annual visit through Gemini. Gemini is the last of the astrological signs of spring and it is a mutable sign.

The last astrological sign of a season is always mutable. That is because mutable signs help you make the transition between the current season and the one about to arrive. Weather-wise it is still clearly spring, but you can smell the promise of summer. Virgo bridges the transition from summer to fall, Sagittarius the transition from fall to winter, and Pisces the transition from winter to spring.

Likewise when planets travel through mutable signs, they ask you to be flexible and adapt to change. Gemini’s function is to gather information.

It likes to flit about, chatting you up, asking questions, always curious. Social? Yes. Ask a Gemini who attended the party and he/she will be able to give you a run down of the guests, their names, who they came with, what they do for a living, and whom they are living with. But Gemini’s energy is also designed for mundane tasks such as data entry, record keeping, and research.

At this time of year we are all at least a little bit Gemini. Thus the first three weeks of June are a good time for social events as the urge to come out to catch up and communicate is strong. Sharing and organizing information, whether acquired at a party or at a computer is the task at hand.

Because the mutables have each foot in a different season, they not only know how to adapt to change, but they are expert at juggling more than one thing at a time. Gemini, especially, is the quintessential multi-tasker.

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