Check Your List and Check It Twice!

The June 2014 Pet Fashion Astrology focus is on Mercury, planet of thinking and communication. The astrological configuration that sets the tone of the month actually began with last month’s new moon on May 28th in Gemini, Mercury’s sign.

With Sun, Moon and Mercury all in Gemini the air waves are filled with chatter and nervous energy.

But all is not what it might seem as Neptune, planet of obfuscation is pulled into the configuration. Double check your fact checking and re-read everything twice. If it looks too good to be true, it is.

On the other hand, this is an excellent time to let your inner poet shine. Neptune enhances your imaginative faculties. Pay closer attention to your dreams and intuition.

That is generally good advice to follow all month as Mercury makes its second retrograde journey from June 7th through July 3rd.

Often the time around Mercury’s change in direction is the most problematic. So be prepared for some crossed signals and confusion at both the beginning and end of the Mercury retro period.

Since Neptune will turn retrograde on the 9th, two days after Mercury makes its retrograde turn, the potential is there for an added dose of confusion. On the other hand, dreams may be more vivid now and intuition sharper.

You are likely to have shifts in thinking several times as Mercury enters Cancer on May 28th then reenters Gemini on June 17th. Proceed with the proviso that you won’t have the whole picture until Mercury goes direct on early July.

Read my section on Mercury retrograde (in Pet Fashion Almanac 2014) and proceed with caution on new projects and major negotiations. Mercury retrograde periods are best used for research and reworking existing efforts rather than implementing the new.

Use this time to clean up the back office and attend to back burner paperwork. Soon it will be time to move forward and you won’t want to have unfinished details holding you back.

Want the full June 2014 pet fashion astrology forecast and the full 2014 pet fashion astrology overview? Find it in the Pet Fashion Almanac 2014.