July 2018 Pet Business Astrology Forecast

“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.” —Audre Lorde


July opens and the Sun is moving through Cancer strengthening the connection with your feeling and emotional self. Instinct and intuition are felt in the body rather than the head; you feel before you know. Cancer teaches you that emotional truth is no less valid than the one backed by facts and figures. Ultimately, when you subject both to the test of scrutiny they lead in the same direction.


Cancer’s symbol is the crab and its tough shell protects a very sensitive and vulnerable interior. Hence the sign’s preoccupation with emotional (and financial) security. This also explains the sign’s preoccupation with family and tribe. It’s easier to let down your guard with those whom you feel safe and understand you.


And with six planets in fixed signs as the month opens, sticking with what’s safe—the tried and true—is the comfortable way to go.

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Cancer is found at the bottom of the natural chart wheel because it represents your foundation. Strengthening your connection with those you consider family, taking on projects to improve your home and business environment, and reviewing your financial planning are some of the excellent ways to use this energy.


Nonetheless, watch the 4th and 5th when old arguments surface. Keep in mind that Mars is continuing to move retrograde—you won’t win the battles you initiate. Instead use your keen emotional awareness to navigate sensitivities.


A solar eclipse on the 12th forms a “Star of David” pattern in the earth and water elements linking the spiritual with the material worlds. This eclipse, opposed by transformative Pluto and aspected by newly direct Jupiter in Scorpio, asks you to honor the Goddess within. If the configuration touches your chart directly this triggers a spiritual rebirth.


The Sun moves into its own sign on the 22nd to entice you out of your shell. Meanwhile, a lunar eclipse on the 27th is a reminder that your moment in the Sun is not possible without an audience. And Mercury begins a retrograde period on the 26th—sometimes you must take a step or two back to move forward.