Each month, we’ll be bringing to you a listing of the holidays by date, week, and month. See below for the July 2016 Pet Holidays.

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July 2016 Pet Holidays

July 2016 Pet Holidays by Month
• Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month
• Dog Days
• National Dog House Repairs Month
• Wild About Wild Life Month

July 2016 Pet Holidays by Week
2nd week:
• National Pet Professionals Week
3rd week:
• National Rabbit Awareness Week
• Coral Reef Awareness Week

July 2016 Pet Holidays by Date
July 1 American Zoo Day
July 8 Cow Appreciation Day
July 10 Don’t Step on a Bee Day
July 11 All American Pet Photo Day
July 14 Shark Awareness Day
July 15 I Love Horses Day
National Pet Fire Safety Day
July 16 World Snake Day
July 21 Monkey Day
National Craft for you Shelters Day
July 23 Mosquito Day
July 31 Mutt’s Day