Each month we’ll bring you excerpts (below) from Ellen Zucker’s July 2016 pet business astrology forecast that she wrote as a co-author for the Pet Business Planning Almanack – 2016 Laurren Darr, Founder of International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals. You can get the book on Amazon in printed version and Kindle format. As a part of Kindle’s Matchbook program, if you purchase a printed copy, you can get a FREE copy of the Kindle version.

July 2016 Pet Business Astrology Forecast

Tuning into your feelings and listening to the small voice within pays dividends as the month opens. The Sun, flanked by Mercury and Venus supported by Neptune in Pisces, continue their travels through Cancer and still waters run deep. When in doubt, trust your gut.

With Mars still in Scorpio, half of the zodiac is in the internally focused element of water. The action is happening on a feeling, emotional level. In fact, the best way to process information is to ask yourself the question, how or what are you feeling?

The Neptune/Saturn square that began last fall still dominates the sky and will continue to do so through this fall. Over the course of the year
you may find you keep adjusting your world-view, letting go of those elements that no longer stand the test of reality.

You find yourself preoccupied with a negotiation with a lender or creditor during the first week of the month when Pluto in Capricorn opposes the Cancer planets. Your accountant’s expertise and guidance in helping you to prepare detailed documentation bolsters your ability to work out a satisfactory deal.

A new moon at 13 Cancer kicks off the Fourth of July, the USA Independence Day holiday. Marching bands, fireworks, and barbeques typically mark this celebration of hometown pride. Tip: Dressing Fido in red, white, and blue will liven up the festivities and make him the hit of the parade.

As the Sun and its entourage of inner planets move through each sign, one month at a time, they shine a light on that sign’s concerns. By paying attention to that sign’s focus you maximize the benefits of its energy. Cancer, the home sign of the moon, focuses on what nurtures you. That includes your family and home environment. Just as any tree needs a healthy root system to grow and thrive, your home environment needs to provide you with safety and nurturing. It’s important that your home be a place where you can let down your hair and be safe, secure, and comfortable in your skin…

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