Up to now this year, the Universe has been pulling us back and telling us to slow-down. At least one of the personal planets has been traveling retrograde since last December.

Retrograde motion, particularly by the personal planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars, asks you to step back so that you can integrate the functions associated with its energy. In doing so you take a deeper look at your life and business. Venus retrograde deals with partnership and money issues.

Mercury deals with thinking and communication. Information flow, changes in perspectives and strategy are affected. And, as always, with Mercury, the devil lies in the details.

Then, Mars makes its retrograde journey, this time in Venus’s sign, Libra: Mars is the warrior planet, the planet of anger and assertion. It is likely that situations came up that forced to put your foot down and assert yourself, or handle confrontation was likely under that combo.

Although it is frustrating to hang back when you would much rather move forward, the opportunity to step back and integrate these energies is a great blessing.

We are living in a time of great change and dislocation. And if you are honest with yourself you will see that your perspective has changed in many areas since December.

But this month the Universe’s traffic light turns green.



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