Each month we’ll bring you excerpts (below) from Ellen Zucker’s January 2016 pet business astrology forecast that she wrote as a co-author for the Pet Business Planning Almanack – 2016 Laurren Darr, Founder of International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals. You can get the book on Amazon in printed version and Kindle format. As a part of Kindle’s Matchbook program, if you purchase a printed copy, you can get a FREE copy of the Kindle version.


January 2016 Pet Business Astrology Forecast

Every New Year brings a promise of new beginnings and a fresh start. This year is no exception.

But before you can step in and embrace the promise of the year about to unfold, it is essential to tie up loose ends. As this New Year begins, Mercury, Moon and Mars are about to change signs. When a planet is hovering in the last degrees of a sign, the Universe is pushing for completion of unfinished business. It is also the time to commit if a given project has been in limbo.

With five planets in earth signs, the Universe is asking you to take a grounded and pragmatic approach to your affairs and it is supporting your efforts to do so.
Practical, reality based Saturn in Sagittarius makes nice with impatient, rebellious Uranus in Aries suggesting that incorporating both traditional and cutting-edge elements in your actions and planning is the way to go. Oftentimes there is tension between the Establishment vis-a-vis the rebels and innovators, but the Saturn/Uranus trine that will be in effect through the first four months of the year, suggests that the two sides can play nice and find common ground. And the truth is each has something very important to offer the other: cutting-edge technology, bold initiatives expand your reach, but the backing and experience of Establishment players can provide the resources to incorporate the best of the new.

In terms of design, this is a particularly worthwhile time to see if newer technologies can be employed to produce traditional items and styling at a lower cost. While customers are looking for value, they are willing to pay a little more if they are convinced that their purchase is an investment that will stand the test of time. So classic, but not stuffy, is the way to go…

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