Special New Moon On First Day Of Year – Read on for January 2014 Pet Fashion Astrology Forecast

You don’t have to be a professional astrologer to recognize that a new moon on the very first day of the New Year is special. This New Year’s New Moon packs a particularly potent punch. So know that the New Year’s resolutions you set this year will be especially powerful.
All new moons are new beginnings; by kicking off the 28-day lunation cycle they provide you with a monthly fresh start. This one takes place in Capricorn, a sign with its feet planted firmly on the ground that prides itself on solid planning for the future. By setting your intention, then grounding your dreams with concrete, well thought-out planning and remaining focused, you can achieve your goals.

So what do you want to accomplish in 2014? How are you going to get there?

Breaking it out piece-by-piece and sticking to your plan may be the answer. Hint: this is the time to get your business plan up to date if you haven’t done so already. With mental Mercury and heavyweight Pluto flanking the new moon, the door is open to make deep-seated, fundamental shifts in your attitudes and thinking.

Mars, planet of action, is in Libra forming a 90-degree angle to the Capricorn planets. To get what you want, forming partnerships and working through others is vital. And Uranus in Aries, forming a 90-degree connection from the other direction, pushes us to move in new directions and embrace the unconventional. This is the time to let your genius juices run. Lastly, Jupiter in Cancer standing straight across from the Capricorn line-up wants us to look at the big picture and keep a healthy work/life balance. In Cancer, it reminds us that nurturing yourself and others is important. And while the big pile-up of planets in Capricorn will ensure that you’ll be working hard this month, don’t forget to have fun.

You will feel the effects of this new moon most strongly if you or your business, (yes, businesses have birth charts, too) were born during the first week in January, April, July or October. During this month, Venus, planet of attraction, relationships, and the arts is retrograde. Women and old flames from the past may pop up now. Inspiration comes from old Hollywood movies and 1940’s retro posters. Whet your design taste buds on a trip to a used bookstore to look at old magazine illustrations to see what people wore and how they decorated their environment.

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