JumpStart Membership includes a whole host of ‘Swag Bag Benefits’ to accelerate success for pet fashion designers, pet stylists, pet models, pet fashion illustrators, pet pattern makers, pet retailers, and other pet fashion-related trades



In order to better meet the needs of the growing pet fashion segment of the pet industry, International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals announces a new, completely free JumpStart Membership.

A comprehensive package through the JumpStart Membership was created to keep pet fashion professionals up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry, educate on marketing, and establish a sense of professionalism and credibility through being affiliated with a professional trade association.

Benefits with the new JumpStart Membership include: Pet Trends Update weekly newsletter, early notification for Hangouts On AirTM produced by the association, a Pet Fashion Professional Membership Badge, and an eBook titled, “Pet Biz Trade Show Marketing Secrets Unleashed.”

To take advantage of the JumpStart Membership, interested pet fashionistas, can click http://petfashionprofessionals.com/member-benefits and sign up quickly and easily online.

International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals Founder, Laurren Darr, commented, “I’m overjoyed to launch the JumpStart Membership. I didn’t want there to be any barriers to anyone needing the community and support of the pet fashion industry. This is why we’ve created a free package that can keep people informed and involved.” She continued, “Our business model for the association is evolving so that pet fashion professionals can tailor how their needs are met through the products and programs that are both currently offered and are in development.”

About International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals
The International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals is an organization created to inspire and educate pet fashion professionals worldwide through valuable learning, mindset, networking, and showcasing opportunities— all while elevating the visibility of the pet fashion industry overall. The organization’s tagline is “Unleashing Pet Style!”

International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals has members throughout the world including countries such as the United States, Canada, Guatemala, South Africa, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Russia, and Thailand. Members not only include pet fashion designers, but also pet fashion stylists, pet architects, pet housewares designers, pet groomers, pet models, pet media, pet industry public relations professionals, and pet bloggers to name a few.

They are creating stronger bonds and connections between pet parents and all different types of pets including dogs, cats, guinea pigs, pigs, horses, bearded dragons, and birds.

Note: Hangouts On Air is TM of Google.